bring the fire

bring the fire

“Best quality. Best Value. Best Customer service… Absolutely family!!”

– A.W.,Lightning Elite



The way an athlete looks and feels absolutely affects the way they play. When you look explosive, you play explosive. It’s like gaining a “power-up” advantage. That’s why we put so much of our own winning spirit into quality customized uniforms and head-turning gear that will boost your team’s enthusiasm and knock it out of the park!

We build upon a player’s excitement for the game by providing them with the best of both worlds – eye popping style, and battle tested performance – from fully customizable uniforms and performance apparel to the next big thing in 3D helmet decals and bumpers, to branded equipment bags and everything in between.

Next season is approaching, you’re in charge of ordering uniforms and gear for the team. We’re here to help you make choices that will make you shine by making your team look and feel tremendous.

We’ve leveraged close to a decade of listening to the suggestions of players and team moms to perfect our products and to bring the fire to your game. 

set the trends

set the trends

“The WON Brand consistently provides gear and designs that the TBSA players go crazy for!” 

– A.A.,Total Baseball Sports Academy

Stand Out

Our service and design teams are always reinventing premier products to make your players and organization look and feel 300 times cooler. If you want it – we’ll make it – fully customizable and guaranteed to make you stand out. We pride ourselves on the level of detail and artisanship that goes into producing these visually stunning brand-boosters. In fact, we really get a kick out of how they just pop and your players will too!

We are the original 3D helmet decal manufacturer for Major League Baseball. To say that our 3D helmet decals and bumpers look truly spectacular is an understatement. Engineered with the perfect combination of composite materials and the toughest adhesive; they are made to stay put on tight curved surfaces under all game play circumstances.

Because details matter – our uniforms and gear are made outdoors tough to survive all weather conditions and to withstand the demands of fierce play hour-after-hour and week-after-week. You’ll notice a difference in every seam stitch and lining, reinforced pressure points, and in the strength and placement of our pockets and zippers. Our process of sublimation allows us to create quality customized uniforms with colors that won’t fade, and your logos will still look brand new, wash after wash.

helmet decals
Helmet Bumpers
Custom Uniforms
knitted socks
Custom badges
Custom Gloves
Ball Bags

create the hype

create the hype

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t… you’re right.”

– Henry Ford

Game Face

The psychological importance of eye-catching uniforms and apparel cannot be undervalued. Believe it or not, your team can begin to perform 200% or even 300% better if it’s able to hype up and stay focused on the game by keeping its morale high.

To your players, a uniform is a reward for all their hard work, it’s an honor, a rite of passage. For the spectators, the uniform tells your team’s story. That’s why your team deserves to look amazing, and they deserve gear with attitude! When your players gear-up to show-up, fans can’t help but want to be a part of the excitement and the hype and they will wear and promote your branded apparel and merchandise, which in turn, increases your organization’s visibility. It’s time to get your game face on!


You WIN with THE WON BRAND, because:

  • You get the maximum benefit of collaborating with a company that succeeds only when you do.
  • You get full brand-customization from top to bottom and side to side.
  • You can start and stop in-production runs as needed to create unique orders or to make order changes.
  • You can expect family-like lifelong service.

Now who in their right mind would fold a winning hand like this?

“Best quality. Best Value. Best Customer service… Absolutely family!!”

– A.W.,Lightning Elite

When you get unis from us - we make sure to hit on all the deets!

These Classic Creams hit all the right notes! Traditional baseball with details that bring the look to the next level!

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When @baseballuga felt like they needed to get their looks on point - they reached out to the only company qualified to help them in all their areas of need… #theWONbrand

Here is just 1 part of the makeover - Custom Domed Base Decals in multiple color configurations.

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